Urban Loggers

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About Urban Loggers

Urban Loggers is a small tree service company serving Columbus, Newark, and Granville, Ohio. Originating in Kansas City, Missouri. Urban Loggers expanded to the Columbus area in 2018.  Urban Loggers' core business is residential tree removal, but the company also services commercial and agricultural properties. In addition, Urban Loggers offers custom carpentry and furniture-making, as well as snow plowing.

Urban loggers grew from a young entrepreneur's apprenticeship on a small, organic farm. As a high school student, I learned how to responsibly maintain, thin, and clear land. My vision was to build a company that helped homeowners with their tree problems in a manner that was environmentally responsible. Urban Loggers takes pride in the fact that it produces virtually no waste and keeps every log out of the landfills.  Brush and other small organic material is taken to recycling plants to be processed into mulch, while all logs are either milled into high-quality lumber to be sold or used to make live edge furniture from local trees. That which cannot be used as lumber is frequently split into firewood and sold.

Tree Service, Custom Carpentry, and Snowplowing

Andrew Hughes, Principal