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Urban Loggers is a small, local business servicing the Kansas City area that specializes in tree removal, custom woodwork, milling, welding.  It grew from working on a small, organic farm. There, I learned how to responsibly maintain, thin, and clear land.  Urban Loggers takes pride in the fact that it produces no waste and keeps every log out of the landfills.  Brush and other small organic material is taken to recycling plants to be processed into mulch, while all logs are either milled into high quality lumber or split into firewood.


Tree Removal, Custom Woodwork, Milling, Welding and other related odd jobs

Andrew Hughes, Principal

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Tree Removal:  All trees that I cut are kept entirely out of the landfills; they are either milled into usable lumber or split into firewood. Urban Loggers can handle almost any removal. I learned to cut trees through working on local organic farms. I learned the importance of using every resource available, and not letting anything go to waste. that is why I mill our city trees, that would otherwise go through the wood chipper and into the land fills, into lumber. While working on those farms, I became very skilled at directional felling, which means removing the tree in one piece, while controlling the direction of the fall. I later decided to take my skills to the residential market, so I learned to climb and rig trees. This enables me to bring down large trees in very tight areas by safely removing and lowering one section of the tree at a time. Urban Loggers prides itself on offering reliable services with the best prices. Whether you have a large oak that needs to be removed, an entire property that needs to be cut, or just a small volunteer tree, Urban Loggers can help you solve all your tree problems.


Custom Woodwork:  I have been involved with woodworking longer than I have any other trade or craft. I have been building furniture since the age of 12.  Urban Loggers offers woodworking ranging from fine custom pieces to rougher construction jobs.  Because Urban Loggers is a small operation, I am limited in the size and scope of woodworking projects I can take on.

Welding: I have a small portable welder I use for small jobs. I can do repairs or small fabrications on site or in my shop.  I am not a certified welder, so if your life or income depends on this welding job, it is best to take it to a certified shop.

Odd Jobs: I have acquired many skills through farmwork, workshops, and Urban Loggers, many of which are too odd and specific to include in my listed services.  I have worked jobs ranging from basic hauling to prescribed prairie burns; so whatever it is you need, Urban Loggers is happy to help you do it.